Quality and Certifications

At Sol79 we ensure that we deliver a product of the highest quality, produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We seek to meet the needs of our clients and care for the well-being of our workers, their families and communities.

Every day we try to care for and preserve natural resources. That is why we are not satisfied with just complying with domestic laws. We seek to implement processes that ensure that our products are sustainable and produced in a responsible manner, respecting and preserving the environment, neighboring communities, and, very particularly, our workers and their families.

To this end, we have received global certifications for our banana operations and we are in the process of earning other certifications for our Sol79 banana purée production plant.

Our banana operations have the following certifications:

100% of our plantations are certified by:

  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Global G.A.P
Additional certifications we have:
  • BASC
  • SCS

The purpose of these certifications is to:

  • Verify that products have been grown using environmentally responsible practices such as through soil and water conservation, sustainable crop production, and integrated waste management.
  • Demonstrate standards of good agricultural practices, which contribute to product quality, safety & purity and minimize negative environmental impacts of farming operations.
  • Ensure the utilization of fair labor practices, a responsible approach to worker health & safety and the promotion of good community relations.

Our processes are in accordance with good manufacturing practices and under strict sanitary conditions. Our product is 100% GMO free and meets FDA and USDA standards.

HACCP is a systematic, preventive process to ensure food safety.

BRC Global Standard is a global standard specific to the safety of agricultural food products. The purpose of this standard is to ensure conformity, and to guarantee the ability of suppliers and distributors to ensure the quality and safety of the food products they offer to consumers.

Kosher guarantees that products do not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as milk and its by-products, alcohol, wine, beer, chocolate, or grape juice and its by-products.

Main criteria measured by this standard:

  • Quality
  • Good manufacturing practices
  •  Supply chain traceability

As part of our ongoing corporate expansion, ONE Banana Ingredients™ will be the brand to sell and distribute all our processed banana products, using our own ONE Banana ™ fresh fruit, sustainably grown on our own plantations as part of our vertical integration programme with complete traceability back to farm and full control over our own raw material.

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