Sol79 workers trained in Occupational Health and Safety

The members of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and the Human Resource staff of Sol79 received training from the Ministry of Labor of Guatemala on Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and amendments to them.

According to the regulations, Health and Safety in the workplace includes acquiring the knowledge needed to guarantee the physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers, and with that, their efficiency in the workplace by minimizing the risk of work accidents or illness.

The training took place at the facilities of Sol79. The role of the Health and Safety Committee was highlighted, as it is responsible for ensuring that good health and safety conditions are in place, of making suggestions to prevent accidents, of overseeing the good operation and working condition of machinery and tools, and of reporting to Management any risks they detect which may be hazardous to workers.

The Committee is formed by worker and management representatives, and its purpose is to propose accident and occupational illness prevention measures, as well as to improve health, safety and environmental conditions together.

At Sol79 we want to ensure that our workers are well and safe, which is why we asked the Ministry of Labor to train them on the new regulations and on their rights. This also served to enable to the company to adapt its occupational health and safety measures to the new regulations.

Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Director of Sol79.